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Meet the women behind Dakghar 606


Beacon of Dakghar 606

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Harshini Kumari

owner of Dakghar 606, has her roots traced back to her father's role as an army officer, fostering her love for travel. Following her marriage in Panna, she and her late husband, C.K. Singhji, shared a vision of transforming an aged structure into a ten-room hotel.

With collaboration from an architect friend, they brought this vision to life, entrusting Yashaswani with the responsibility of running the hotel project. As part of her hospitality endeavors, Harshini also owns Nainital's historic Emily Lodge, which she has leased out while maintaining its legacy.

Founder of Dakghar 606

Yashaswani Bhayal

The brainchild behind Dakghar 606, is a young lady named Yashaswani Bhayal, a native of Rajasthan who has found a second home in the quaint temple town of Khajuraho. Raised amidst the captivating landscapes of Rajasthan and the serene ambiance of Khajuraho, my journey has been a blend of diverse experiences.

Inspired by my father Mr Narayan Singh Bhayal's legacy as a distinguished figure in the hospitality industry, I harbored an early aspiration to venture into the world of hospitality. This dream was not only realized but surpassed, as I now proudly stand as a part of the hospitality industry that has been an integral part of my upbringing.

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A mass communication graduate, I embarked on a path that merged my passion for communication with the allure of travel. For three years, I was immersed in the dynamic travel industry, gathering insights and expanding my horizons. However, destiny had another chapter waiting for me.

In December 2021, I unveiled my most cherished creation, Dakghar 606 . This endeavor is a testament to my devotion to the great outdoors and my penchant for crafting spaces of unparalleled beauty. Collaborating with my gifted younger sister, Divya, we designed Dakghar 606 with a shared vision that marries artistic sensibilities and a love for simplicity.

The journey was not without challenges, particularly in creating a dedicated women's team. Yet, driven by my father's esteemed reputation and my unyielding determination, we defied the odds and accomplished the seemingly impossible. Dakghar 606 proudly boasts the distinction of being the only hotel in Khajuraho with a women-dominated staff, a remarkable 70% of whom are women.Our mission is to make it into a 100% women oriented team in the near future.

My story is one of merging dreams with reality, filled with passion, resilience, and a commitment to fostering change. As I continue to embrace the allure of village life, bask in the beauty of nature, and explore the artistic landscapes of hospitality, I remain steadfast in my pursuit of creating meaningful spaces and empowering the women who make them come alive.


Team of Dakghar 606

The team at Dakghar 606 comprises of  70% female staff, each hailing from diverse backgrounds. Their collaboration with Yashaswani, along with their willingness to embrace new tasks and share in the collective passion, has proven to be an inspiring and encouraging experience. Notably, they greet guests with genuine warmth, each offering a friendly smile that contributes to the welcoming atmosphere

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