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From Post Office to a Cozy Boutique Hotel

upstairs lobby -the deck.jpg

Unveiling  of Dakghar 606

You live here just once, and Dakghar 606 will live in you for eternity. We welcome you to Dakghar 606 - The Boutique Hotel that  embodies the soul of our Quaint Town, Khajuraho.

Our Boutique hotel is nestled right between the mesmerizing khajuraho temples and the tranquilness of the shivsagar lake. Only at the Dakghar 606 does one savour nostalgia for the present. The 606 in our name is a throwback to our legacy, the pincode of the very first post office at Khajuraho. It was amidst these walls that the first stories and postcards of khajuraho were shared with people in lands far away.


Over the years, The Dakghar become the world's window into  Khajuraho, for people who would one day come to  experience this town that they'd already  grown to love from afar. Today our ode to the dakghar  is a tastefully designed boutique stay that has 10 deluxe rooms with a beautiful terrace cafe, to be opened shortly. 

We look forward to the day we'll be hosting  you at the dakghar 606, to experience the past, present and the future of our quaint little khajuraho, all at once.

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