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Discover the Hidden Gems around Khajuraho


Panna: The Emerald of Madhya Pradesh

Panna is 40 kilometers from Khajuraho and was a Gond settlement until the 13th century. When the Gondi were defeated by the Chandelas they migrated to other parts of Madhya Pradesh. Until the final conquests by the Chandelas, there were many rulers of the area.

The famous mandir Padmavatipuri Dham, adorned with divine luster, is located in Panna town at the center of Vindhyachal in Madhya Pradesh.

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It is said, the itinerant sage Mahamati Prannath and his disciples reached Panna with a divine message of awakening one’s soul. Seeing a desert island, he decided to unfurl the flag of Jagani there. He helped the king Chhatrasal and adorned him with the title of Maharaja. He remained there for eleven years, and took samadhi inside the dome. The place, therefore, is known as the seat of salvation (Muktipitha) or Padmavatipuri Dham.


Kalinjar Fort

This beautiful monolithic fort is 100 kilometers from Khajuraho and is located in the fortress-city of Kalinjar. It is located on top of an isolated hillock at the height of 1200 feet, just at the end of the Vindhya Range

Its fortification walls are spread over kilometers and provide a fantastic view of the gorgeous Bundelkhand planes, nearby hillocks and plateaus. It was said to have been ruled by several dynasties including the Guptas, the Vardhana Dynasty, the Chandelas, Solankis of Rewa, Mughal and the Marathas.

The fortress has several temples and ruins dating back to the Gupta dynasty of the 3rd–5th centuries.


Ajaygarh Fort

Ajaygarh fort is located 80 kilometers from Khajuraho and is situated on top of the Vindhya hills. The fort has two entrances, one in the north of the fort and Tharauni gate in the southeast. A picturesque hike will lead you upto the fort gate.

Ajay Palka Talav is a lake located in the middle of the fort and the remains of many Jain temples are scattered at the edges of this lake. Some ancient temples established on the banks of the lake can also be seen.

The main feature of the fort are three such temples which are decorated with arithmetic methods and splendid designs. The fort of Ajaygarh, situated on the flat mountain of Vindhyachal mountain range, remains a mystical and focal point of attraction for the people even today.


Brahaspati Kund

Brahaspati Kund is a naturally occurring crater located in Panna District of the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is a popular tourist spot and draws many tourists to enjoy the kund water and stillness of the ambiance.

It is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Panna and 18 kilometers from Kalinjar Fort in the south.


Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum

Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum is a museum located in an old palace at Dhubela, on the Chhatarpur-Jhansi highway, in Chhatarpur District.

This museum was established in September, 1955 in a palace built by Maharaja Chhatrasal for his residence. Presently, the museum comprises of 8 galleries, of which two galleries display inscriptions, copper plates, Sati pillars, lingas and inscribed images of the Gupta and Kalachuri period. The museum houses a wide range of sculptures of the Shakti cult.

It has a significant collection of Jaina images and also displays the garments, weapons and paintings of the Bundela kings. While you're here, you can also visit other monuments in Dhubela, like the;  Maharani Kamlapati Cenotaph,  Sheetal Garhi,  Mahoba Gate, Shri Krishna Pranami Mandir.

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